The Nine Divines

The Pantheon of the Campaign “Merciful Mind”. Simple, no racial benefits or disadvantages based on choice of God. They do not associate themselves with good or evil, lawful or chaotic, more, they embody certain aspects of life. A Lawful Paladin and a Chaotic Barbarian, or a Good Priest and an Evil Bandit might both fall under the rule of a specific deity, depending on what they have given themselves over to.

The Nine Realms:

Gavir: Law and Destiny. “Guiding Faith.”

Hajama: Strength and Conflict. “The Greater the Conflict, the more Glorious the Triumph.”

Jisan: Creation and Luck. “A legacy like no other.”

Azinat: Life and Death. “What is the worth of life?”

Zara: Magic and Shadow. “Flickering Embers.”

Oghma: Knowledge and Wisdom. “Pull back the Veil.”

Vaaes: Change and Dreams. “Life is a Dream, from which we all must wake.”

Farel: Civilization and Health “Together we stand.”

Ehnofel: Nature and Light. “Watching for the Dawn.”

The Nine Divines

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