Kingdom of Caliburn

Nestled among the highest peaks and deepest valleys of The Demon’s Spine Mountains, the Kingdom of Caliburn is a proud and powerful nation, with borders stretching from The Gift to the east, the Endless Heath to the South, and the Sea of Mist to the West and North. The sheer mountains and rocky crags of the Demon’s Spine have fostered a fierce but loyal people. However, the mountains have also provided shelter to the fearsome wyverns. The Caliburn have earned the respect and friendship of these fearsome creatures, and have learned to cohabitate with them. The banner of the Kingdom of Caliburn is a Tan Wyvern on Black and Red.


The Kingdom of Caliburn is ruled over by King Elnet, The Third of his Name, Savior of the Westerlands, Guardian of the Realms of Men, and Master of the Harrowed Peak. The Kingdom of Caliburn is a fiercely confrontational nation, and will react aggressively and rapidly to any perceived threats. Bolstered by their Wyvern Allies, The Kingdom of Caliburn is often seen as the aggressor by their allies, warmongering and relishing conflict. Recently they have been clamoring at the border with the Andaran Commonwealth, and both sides have been preparing for the war that seems almost inevitable.


As one might expect someone with Wyverns on their side, The Caliburn tend to be very blunt, but boisterous. Outsiders are welcomed freely, without fear, given that any that attempted to cause trouble would swiftly meet their end, either from an enraged wyvern or an equally fearsome enraged Caliburn. Celebrations and Events tend to be extremely extravagant, often lasting multiple days as the people revel in their wealth.

The Nobility engage in an incredible vicious and cutthroat version of the manipulations common to such courts. A person’s standing in the court is denoted by the magical masks they wear during important functions. Each mask is meant to represent the traits assigned to such a position, and as long as a person acts in accordance with their position, they are free from any punishment for actions taken at court. For example, a spymaster, wearing a raven’s mask, would not be punished for prying into secrets or copying correspondence, as long as he is not caught in the act. See Masks for more details.

Dress in the Kingdom varies widely, but there are a few commonalities. First off, they tend towards less flammable materials. Some Wyverns, particularly the young, are unused to people, and can startle easily. Loose fitting clothing often is the rule as well, allowing for ease of movement among the highly vertical settlements sprawled along the walls of canyons and the sides of mountains. Bright colours are quite common, with those dressing in darker tones often seen as of a lower class.


Despite being a primarily mountainous region, The Kingdom of Caliburn produces a great deal of agriculture, mostly situated along the valleys and steppes further into the mountain range, or on their occupied lands along the Eastern edge of The Gift. Wyvern Leather is their most valued, but rarest export, as they only make the leather from those that die of natural causes or have to be put down.

Merchants from Caliburn tend to exaggerate fiercely, often completely blowing the price and value out of their goods out of proportion, and will expect you to respond in just as exaggerated a fashion. Haggling, complete with the bluffing, arguing, and intimidating that it entails, are often more important to a Caliburn Merchant than the actual sale.


The Kingdom of Caliburn has a sizable standing army, but what makes them so fearsome is their Wyvern Riders. The only nation that has managed to field a sizable airborne division, Caliburn leverages this fact frequently. In addition, they employ hundreds of alchemists to produce bombs and flasks of volatile reagents for their flyers to drop on enemy fortifications and regiments. These combine to make a foe that often has already won before the main army arrives.


Worship of most of the gods is free in the Kingdom of Caliburn, though worship of Oghma is strictly monitored, after a number of catastrophes decimated settlements in the interior of the Kingdom. The most common of the Temples in the Kingdom of Caliburn is to Hajama, and Caliburn soldiers often recite a prayer to Hajama as a unit before joining battle. The dead are fed to the Wyverns of the range, just as the dead Wyverns are used for leather for the Kingdom.

Kingdom of Caliburn

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