The Atlas of Aberia

This page lists the nations and regions that are established in the Merciful Mind campaign. More may be added as the campaign progresses based on the story and player input.


  • The Drasko Sovereignty – A Fierce and Cunning nation, typically removed from the affairs of other nations, the Drasko Sovereignty has recently emerged from their marshy home to begin a war of conquest on their neighbors.
  • Kingdom of Caliburn – A vast Kingdom nestled among the Western Mountain Ranges of the Demon’s Spine, Caliburn is a nation most well known for it’s cohabitation with wyverns, making them a feared and exotic nation.
  • The Andaran Commonwealth – A collection of independent city states, loosely bound together by a pledge of loyalty to a monarch, The Andaran Commonwealth is technically the largest nation on the continent, though the connection between cities is flimsy at best.
  • The Remnants of Jednoran – Jednoran is still considered a nation in the political landscape of the land, but it’s once proud heritage has been snuffed out by a series of uprisings, civil wars, and magical accidents. Those who remain, ruling from the fortress of Golden Peak, have adopted the phoenix as their banner, with a promise that they shall rise from the ashes.
  • Bellatine Dominion – Hailing from the Stormlands, the Bellatine Dominion is a nation known for it’s mastery of the elements, and it’s fearsome naval armada. Conjuring storms and calming hurricanes, the Dominion have few rivals when it comes to mastery of the seas.
  • House Arness – An offshoot from the Bellatine Dominion, House Arness was once a noble house granted governance over one of Bellatine’s island colonies. Following a swift uprising, House Arness was left with a significant navy and a number of mages, and now struggles to find allies before the Dominion’s counterstroke.
  • The Letulys Dynasty – In the depths of the Blasted Heath, a desert from which few return, there dwell the Letulys Dynasty. Known for mastery of the wastes, they are the only peoples who have survived for so long in such a hostile environment. Rumours of dark magic and fearsome rituals follow at the heels of anyone native to this state.
  • The Ryngald – Nation may be the wrong term to apply to the Ryngald. They follow whoever is strongest among them, and each town or village governs itself freely unless they receive a command from someone stronger. Dwelling in the Southern reaches of the continent, they often make raids, by land and sea, on their neighbors.


  • The Sea of Mist – A large body of water, providing a natural barrier between many of the warring nations of Aberia. The Sea is so named due to the omnipresent mists, hindering visibility and making even short journeys potentially lethal for those not used to the mists.
  • The Draskian Marshes – A dark and cold Marsh, only kept from freezing by the almost omnipresent hot springs bubbling up from underground. The Home of the Draskian Sovereignty.
  • Demon’s Spine Mountain Range – A Mountain Range noted for it’s jagged peaks and sheer sides. The range boasts an impressive animal population, most notably a large amount of wyverns, and contains many hidden valleys untouched by civilization in eons. Home to the Capital of the Kingdom of Caliburn
  • The Gift – So named because to the early settlers, the land itself seemed a gift from Ehnofel himself. A vast, sprawling plain, perfect for farming, hunting, and ranching. The land has since been heavily developed, and much of the Andaran Commonwealth is on The Gift.
  • The Golden Peak – Dwelling on the Easternmost edge of the Gift, before the land fades into the Endless Heath, stands the magnificent Golden Peak. A great fortress, home of the last of the people of Jednoran, rests atop a lone mountain, towering above the flatlands below.
  • The Stormlands – Named for the constant gales and storms that sweep the land, The Stormlands are a hostile land, though it has softened in recent years, as Bellatine stormweavers have been redirecting the worst of the storms away from their kingdom.
  • The Thundering Atoll – A Ring of Islands, recently seized from the control of the Bellatine Empire by the rebellious House Arness. The Islands are named for their number of active Volcanoes.
  • The Blasted Heath – An immense, trackless desert, sand or badlands make up the majority of this unforgiving wasteland. The only sources of civilization are the small communities that grow around the oases near the trade routes, or the capital, presided over by the Letulys Dynasty.
  • The Frozen Reaches – To the South, bordering the Sea of Mist, this series of frigid archipelagos, frozen glaciers, and concealed subterranean hot springs are home of the Ryngald.

The Atlas of Aberia

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