The Amethyst Isle

“The oldest and strongest of emotions is also the most easily exploited; fear.” – Scrawled on an adventurer’s map, found on a beach of the Amethyst Isle.

The Amethyst Isle is the central island in a small chain of islands, recently charted and settled by explorers of the Sea of Mists. Known by many different names, the most commonly used by those on the mainland is “The Amethyst Isle”, due to the high number of Gem mines established so far on the island.

The main island, referred to in this document, boasts a wide variety of biomes, with a mountain range at the center of the island, a vast plateau covered in grasslands covering a good third of the island, untamed jungles, fetid swamps, and a volcanic plain barring landings to the island from the north.

The Amethyst Island only has four known settlements.

  • Lucky’s Folly: A small town, the only one on the island, that sprung up around the wreck of the ship “Fatespinner”. The town has maintained it’s independence, but numerous threats and outside forces seek to usurp or destroy this modest town.
  • World’s End: A trading port located on an outflung peninsula, this settlement is little more than a fort owned by the Andaran Trading Consortium seeking to exploit the gem resources of the island.
  • Fort Herod: A military port on the East side of the island, setup by the Watchers over the Waves, an organization that seeks to protect oversea trade and travel.
  • Gnollskull: A pirate haven, housed inside a well defended cavern, the pirates inside band together more out of self-interest than any unifying leadership.

The Amethyst Isle

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