Quick Start Guide

This page is a quick-start page for the Campaign “The Merciful Mind”

World Building: This section is optional, but a good resource if you are curious about the world that the Merciful Mind is set in. Note, this is the commonly believed history of the world, and is not necessarily entirely true. History is written by the winners and the like.

  • The Atlas of Aberia – The Nations and Regions of the World of the Campaign: Aberia.
  • The Nine Divines: The Pantheon of the most commonly known gods.
  • The Dawn: Where did the world come from? Everything has a beginning, and an end.
  • Legends of the Divines: The gods play their games, and have their contests. These are the stories told of them.

The Known Locations on and around The Island, locally known as The Amethyst Isle, for it’s large number of Gem deposits.

  • The Amethyst Isle: A large island a fair distance from shore. Only recently discovered and settled, the Amethyst Isle is still largely unexplored wilderness.
  • Lucky’s Folly: The closest thing the island has to a capital, this small town is the largest settlement on the island.

The Different Factions on the Island, whether friendly, hostile, or neutral.

  • Andaran Trade Consortium: A group of wealthy merchant houses that have banded together to exploit the Amethyst Isle’s natural resources.
  • The Watchers over the Waves: An order of Seafaring peacekeepers who have built a shipyard on the island.

Quick Start Guide

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